Thursday, January 1, 2015

Documentary obfuscated not highlighted Sectarian issues in Pakistan

It is very common mistake and lucana to present vague and obfuscated discourse on Shia - genocide and sectarian based terrorism which we often find among those research reports and documentaries which are made by western funded think tanks and non governmental organizations where our liberal and secular elites dominate.Such obfuscated discourse on one side have tendency of deflecting attention of reader or viewer from original cause of target killing of Shia and other vitim communities of sectarian based terrorism and on other side that discourse set false binaries like Sunni - Shia Binary or Saudi - Iran Binary. English daily Dawn Lahore , Thursday January 1 ,2015 reported by Syeda Shehrbano Kazim about launching of dacummentary titled " Shaheedo Tum Kehan Ho " at office of Sustainable Development Policy Institue an Islam Abad based think tank ,in collaboration with the Minority Right Group (MRG ) U.K. Headline of that report " Pakistan 'S Sectarian issues highlighted " in my view is not right , that should be this " Pakistan 's Sectarian Issues obfuscated not highlighted " as we find obfuscated discourse on Shia - Genocide . That documentary first of all separated Hazra Shia genocide from Shia genocide and second it explain Hazra Shia genocide through so called Shia - Sunni Binary which do not exists in Pakistan and that binary can not explain Shia genocide not only but it can not explain sectarian terrorism and its related issues in Pakistan. Sectarian terrorism is a big issue in Pakistan no doubt but it is evident that Religious terrorism , Suicide bombing , religious based target killing , attack on security forces , School , worship places , shrines , Bazar and markets is not saperate phenomenon from sectarian terrorism .Both are well interconnected and interdepended . Interconnection and interdependence of Sectarian terrorism and general religious based terrorism and common identity and common shared ideology of those groups who are involved in both type of terrorism are obfuscated by majority of Secular , liberal think tanks and non government organizations when they do research based work on such issue. In that documentary we see some secular , liberal left elite men and women talking on issue of sectarianism , terrorism and persecution but we do not hear from them a single word against false binaries but using that binaries some time. Some intellectuals like Ahmad Saleem and Humera Ishfaque used Sectarianism - Sufism which also obfuscation as we know well that term sectarianism do not expose identity of terrorists involved in genocide of Shia , Sufi Sunnis etc. You can find some difference of numbers of killings of Shia and Sunnis and less or more intensity of violence against Shia and Sufi Sunnis but both are target of groups which share same sect , same ideology while having same identity so here sectarianism - Sufism binary do not works. We i saw that documentary first question which arose in my mind was that is only minority ethnic -religio Hazra Shia community is victim of sectarian based terrorism ? Other question was that are groups involved in terrorism against Hazara Shias from Sunni majority ? We all know that not only Shia Hazara but all Shia are victims of sectarian based terrorism .But these are not only Shia but majority in Muslim Population Sufi Sunnis are also victims of sectarian based organized terrorism ,We can see Shia , Sufi Sunnis , Ahmadis , Christans and Hindus who all form near about 75 to 80 % of total population of Pakistan are major targets of this sectarian and religious based so called jihadi terrorism .Then why our majority western funded research reports and documentries explain sectarian terrorism and violence through Sunni - Shia Binary ? when we see majority Sunni population itself victim of that terrorism and sectarian violence . Who are real culpirts ? in which school of thought sectarian terrorists organizations belong to who are involved in killing , suicide bombings , attacks on Shrines , Imam Barghas , mosques and religious processions and cermonies of Shia , Sufi Sunnis , Ahmadis , Christians and Hindus ? Reports of investigations of police , intelligence agencies , media and some exclusive independent studies made by well Known universities shows that all Shia including Shia Hazara , Sufi Sunnis , Christians , Ahmadis and Hindus and their holy places and processions ,gatherings were targeted , bombed by those organizations who claim themselves Deobandis and we use term Deobandi Wahhabi Takfiri for revealing their Identity and face . Still we do not find even single Sufi Sunni organization name involved in Shia including Hazara Shia but we see obfuscated discourse on Shia genocide by NGO,s . Syeda Shehrbano concludes her reports on that documentary such , " The discrimination facing non - Sunni Muslims in Pakistan has emboldened extremist groups and enabled the proliferation of hate speech ,which circulates in mosques , on social media , and even in class rooms ." This conclusion itself is obfuscation of real story of sectarian based discrimination which are being faced by not only Non - Sunni groups but Sunnis themselves are facing this discrimination and this is clear extermist groups and hate speech mongers are from deobandi School of thought having excommincative and takfiri germs in their ideology which never highlighted by majority of Secular and liberal elites of Pakistan. Actually young journalists and reporters having secular and liberal ideas are more under influenced of some so called celebrities of secular and liberal elites like Najam Sethi , Asama Jahangir , Tarek Fateh etc who always describe sectarianism and Shia , Sunni killings while creating false Sunni - Shia binary or Saudia _ Iran Binary and our these liberal ,secular young reporters like Syeda Shehrbano Kazim borrowed their insight from those obfuscators.And these young secular and liberal reporters ignore that coincident comon apology seeking mentality between so called celerbrities and Deobandi wahhabi apologists which constructs from such false binaries and tactics.

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